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Baby DeeDee Medium Sleep Teddy Sleeping Bag

Baby DeeDee Medium Sleep Teddy Sleeping Bag

Brand: Baby Deedee
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This wearable blanket is all your baby will need to stay super warm and cozy this winter! It has a faux fur lining and is quilted for extra warmth.

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NEW! Luxurious faux fur!

The baby deedee sleep nest teddy is our newest winter weight baby sleep bag. It is incredibly cozy and soft – good luck convincing your baby to leave it behind! Quilted for an extra layer of warmth and complete with luxurious faux fur lining, the sleep nest teddy is one of our most snuggly and comfortable baby sleep bags. It’s ideal for infants in need of a way to stay warm without the use of a blanket, ensuring that your baby remains comfortable, safe, and warm.

Snap and zip

Shoulder snaps and oversized zipper make it easy to place baby in the sleep nest teddy, even when asleep. This patented design is exclusive to baby deedee sleep bags. Our zippers are also premium quality and quiet, with an extra-large toggle that's perfect for dad's hands too!

No blankets in the crib

Countless studies have shown it is unsafe for babies to sleep with any loose objects such as blankets in their crib. The sleep nest teddy removes the need for loose objects by being a wearable baby blanket!

  • Machine wash cold, inside out with like colors
  • Tumble dry low
  • Lining - 100% cotton
  • Exterior & Filling - 100% Polyester

Product warmth: TOG 2.5. We offer 3 weights in our sleep nest teddy baby sleep bags for infants and toddlers. The sleep nest teddy is our winter-weight (i.e., our warmest) baby sleep bag. It is intended to be worn over regular sleepwear. Recommended room temperature is 64-74°F. Sleeve length and thickness of baby’s sleepwear should be adjusted accordingly. With no loose blankets to be kicked off, the baby deedee’s warm sleep nest teddy helps ensure you and your baby get a restful night’s sleep!

Color: Multi
Age Group: Kids
Gender: Unisex
Size: All Sizes